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District 7 from Silver Moon Films on Vimeo.

A one-night music/art event showcasing artists (illustrators/painters/graffiti writers/designers) and Detroit DJs in a venue that is sure to blow your mind. Held in the historic Art 634 near the Armory, this event captured the essence of artistry emerging from the past and into the present. The event was a pure translation of the industrial history of Jackson, MI (where the show was held) and honors the perseverance, style and greatness that is the soul and spirit of street art.

We were able to not only attend the event, but watch as it was set up and put together. The people behind this had a vision and made sure that it was a success. Leading the charge was Amanda Brackél, of AFOAF Design. She came to Jackson and saw the void of need for the arts and decided to make it her mission to fill it. The night was a huge win for the arts, and hundreds of people came out from all around Michigan and other states to view some very real pieces by some extremely talented artists.

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